The Humble Napkin

Never underestimate the power of the Humble Napkin!

The napkin has modestly sacrificed itself  for us on countless occasions over the years. Whether it be scribbling down our great ideas that lead to a successful business model or writing a love note to a significant other. Whether it be exchanging a phone number or discretely getting rid of someone’s terrible cooking. The napkin has served us all well!

The humble napkin even made it’s claim to fame by playing the hilarious role of “Mr Napkin head” in a certain “rom com” we all love, starring Jude Law!

In this post however I want to talk about the napkin in its capacity in a table setting and the impact that it can have on your overall look and feel. It’s ability to add panache and elegance to a dinner table is wondrous!

The napkin comes in several sizes, a wide diversity of materials, as well as in a variety of colours and a range of designs and pattern.

Traditionally from the word ‘napery’, a napkin is basically just a small square piece of linen or paper, used at meal times for the purpose of wiping one’s hands and mouth, as well as providing protection against spillages on your clothing. Placed on a person’s lap, but it is also customary in some cultures to tuck one corner of the napkin under the chin to cover the whole of the chest area. It usually finds it’s place, unubtrusive next to the most-outer fork.

Thanks to napkin origami, the humble napkin has graduated with pride to a place of significance on the dinner table! It is now used to create a wow factor, something for your guests to marvel about.

Are you equipped with enough napkin folding techniques to wow your guests?

Here are a few of StylingbyMo’s favorites:

The Fleur the Lys Goblet

The Lotus

The Bowtie

The Elegant Rose

The Pyramid

The Rose Bud

The Diamond

The Pinwheel

The Standing Fan

Birds of Paradise

Thank you for reading.

With love and appreciation, MO


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