My name is Maxine Oakley and I am the founder of Styling by Mo.

Event Stylist and Floral Designer with a passion for all things pretty!



My bull terrier, North (…and I know what you’re thinking…but his name, has nothing to do with the Kardashians!)

Styling everything pretty

Good food, preferably cooked by anyone other then myself!

Fine wine

Great music and

Traveling the globe!


My journey to becoming an entrepreneur is quite an extensive one, but one I wouldn’t change for the world! I’m a firm believer that our “life experiences” are what shapes and molds us into the people we eventually become. Have it not been for mine, I wouldn’t have been as well equipped as I am today to live and breath my dream.

Like peeling back the layers of an onion, I keep on discovering new and different layers in my make-up and I think it’s just wonderful that I’m still able to learn and grow!

From a Fashion Graduate, Event Coordinator and Chief Stewardess of various Super Yachts, to a Stylist with a passion for all things pretty and unique. I am fascinated by people from all walks of life and have an authentic heart and drive to make people happy. I believe that I have a unique set of skills, which enables me to draw from my extensive life experience and bring something unique to the table.

Maxine + Pete (327 of 784)

Which brings me to the heart and soul of Styling by MO…

We know how daunting it can be to plan the perfect occasion, narrowing down a single design style or concept when you have various and sometimes-conflicting ideas. Not to mention finding the time, suppliers and correct resources to pull it off. It’s overwhelming!

At Styling by Mo, we know how important it is to ensure that our clients feel at ease at all times and have piece of mind that everything is taken care of. Our passion for perfection and attention to detail is well exercised and we want to be instrumental in creating that perfect styled setting that you have only dreamed of up until now.

We want to capture your unique style in its entirety. Every intimate detail from design elements to custom styled décor pieces. It’s our goal to earn your trust and get you as excited about your event as we are!