Tropical Birds Paradise

Mention the word paradise today and a backdrop complete with palm trees, pristine beaches and an exotic cocktail topped off with a little paper umbrella probably comes to mind. And don’t forget “Fabio” who just emerged from the water shaking his wet hair like he is in a “L’Oreal” commercial whilst blinding you with his perfect golden tan!

That is definitely what comes to mind for me…and my bags are already packed, where do I board???

It’s also a place associated with peace and tranquility. It is a harmonious and timeless existence, designed to create happiness and contentment. It is a place of perfect existence and a land of luxury and idleness.

Since we all long for the tropics every now and again, StylinbyMo endeavored to bring paradise home, by substituting the pristine beach with a far more colorful, feathery friend.


No paradise is shy of color and that is why we decided to bring in as many bright colors as possible. I however believe that you should always have an anchor color or theme to round your décor off and tie it all together and in this case ours is gold.

On our table we have many colorful elements such as our fruit bowl centerpiece with vibrant tropical-like flowers. We made use of different color stemmed glasses and stacked different color, shaped and textured plates. Even our place cards and menu has vivid tropical graphics on them, yet we tie it all together with the golden under plates, gold cutlery and a few gold geometric shapes. We also used gold candelabras and little gold tea light holders. Heck, we even spray painted a pineapple gold!

Our bright selection of juicy fruits in woven baskets around the drinks table is enough to get anybody’s mouth watering! Different colored, shaped and sized vases were used to hold radiant flowers. Green glass bottles with contrasting yellow and white striped straws were used to drink from and we elevated our glass drink dispenser to create difference in height, with some tropical fans as a backdrop. We hung two beautiful Bamboo Lanterns above the table and submerged some flowers within water in glass containers in the center.

Using a palm leave as our table runner is a clever way to incorporate an authentic island element and we cleverly folded our napkins into a “birds of paradise” fold (I kid you not, that is what it’s actually called)!

With a little bit of luck, you can even get a real life parrot to strut a pose!

Tank you for reading.

With love and appreciation, MO