Greek Glory

Greece…by far one of my top favorite countries I have ever traveled to!

I love its diversity! From gorgeous beaches, to snow-capped mountains, lush forests and crystal clear lakes and rivers. Filled with unique architecture and a rich history, this fine country, with its perfect climate, is one to experience.

And the food… it literally is like a party in your mouth all the time! Needless to say, I gained a few kg’s before my return home. All in the name of Ouzo and Opa!

So, whether you have a bit of Greek blood in you or whether you are simply just a fan of the culture, StylinbyMo has some inspiration for you to draw from!

Greek design is characterized by sharp contrast, particularly when it comes to pairing shades of blue and white. It is unmistakably evident in their modern architecture! We decided to combine white and shades of blue with a touch of gold to add a bit of “Glory”.

Our first bold and contrasting move was to use a Royal blue tablecloth with a crisp white table runner and white napkins folded in a “Fleur de Lys Goblet” fold.

Pottery played a large role in ancient Greek history and therefore we wanted to incorporate beautiful floral printed vases and handmade, hand painted crockery for the table setting.

Gold cutlery and a few small copper vases add the perception of royalty. Fine, regal blue wine glasses, elegantly set, and you have yourself a glorious table!

In our best efforts to recreate the white washed walls and bright blue rooftops, we used our white washed doors and a bright blue gate to almost give you the illusion that you can step right through into paradise!

It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece, but it only takes an instance to fall in love with herHenry Miller

Thanks for reading.

With love and appreciation, Mo

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