The Value of Styled Shoots

We absolutely love taking part in styled shoots! A Styled Shoot is an incredible opportunity to showcase your talent and it allows for the inventive freedom that us “Creatives” crave so much!

It enables growth in your business and is a great platform for networking with fellow vendors in your industry. It is a clever way to built your portfolio and show variety in your work.

Styled shoots can be used as a vehicle to discover new ideas and beautiful locations, providing inspiration to brides as they plan their wedding day.

Here are a few pointers on how to create a successful styled shoot, from a wedding planner, photographer and stylist’s point of view. In this post we hope to inspire likeminded people to follow their passion and put forward their vision.

La Bella Vita events, share some wisdom regarding the planning process.

Start by choosing a theme. Think of season trends to help guide you or the type of bride you want to reach through your shoot. If you plan to submit your work to a blog, make sure you research the blog sites beforehand to get a good idea on when to submit and lead time until it gets published.

Create a mood/pinterest board, to give the vendors you would like to include in the shoot, a clear visual example of what look and feel you are going for.

Securing the right vendors is the key to making your shoot a success! Once you have chosen your theme, choose vendors that you feel have a similar style. If you have preferred vendors that you like to work with, reach out to them first. If you are looking to broaden your network, research some new ones, look at their work and read their reviews.

Have a clear objective of what your shoot will entail before you start emailing your vendors. People will respond better to a well-organized proposal as to a wishy washy “idea” of a shoot. Also mention your intentions are for the shoot and what the benefits are in participating. Highlight exactly what will be expected or required from each individual vendor and offer your assistance in any area that they might need it.

It is important to be polite and kind to every vendor throughout the organizing process as well as on the day of the shoot. You want to make connections and built relationships for the future. Respect their input and creativity, after all, this is an opportunity that should benefit everyone!

Once commitments are made from the particular vendors, stay in contact and keep everyone in the loop of decisions moving forward.

Create a clear timeline for the Styled shoot, highlighting everyone’s duties and responsibilities. This way you ensure that there are no confusion or room for miscommunications.

Make sure to leave the venue in the same condition it was when you arrived.

Don’t forget to send thank you emails to all your vendors and keep them in the loop as to when expect the images of everyone’s hard work.

StylingByMO gives a perspective from a Styling point of view.

Ensure that you understand the theme and overall design concept really well. Draw your inspiration from the mood/pinterest board provided, but make sure to add value by putting your own creative stamp on things.

Stay in touch with your planner regularly and ask questions if there is anything that you are unsure of.

If you have unique ideas that are slightly different from the brief, make sure to check in with your fellow vendors to get their opinions and take on it. Remember this is an opportunity for learning and growth and what better way then to draw inspiration from fellow “Creatives”.

Research the venue and study their photo gallery to get a better idea of what is available to you to work with. Contact the venue before hand to inquire about tables, tablecloths, chairs or anything else you might need for the shoot. Be respectful of the venue and their rules and regulations. Ask permission before hand if you want to make use of any of their furniture, equipment etc. and make sure you are clear on the Do’s and Don’ts!

Remember you are building real relationships here and you want to be able to return or be referred by the particular venue in the future, so don’t screw it up!

Ensure to make proper arrangements prior if you need to hire any additional items. Allow for enough delivery time or time to source and DIY.

Organization is key! Make sure you and your mind is organized on the day. Be prepared! Pack everything you need the day before and pack some extra bits and bobs, so you have various options. Ensure that you have sufficient transportation for all your styling items.

Arrive early! You will always need more time then you think. Be professional and treat the shoot like it is a real wedding. Make sure you have studied the timeline and are clear of what is expected of you!

Take care of the venue and your surroundings. Don’t damage anything!

Make an effort to engage with your fellow vendors; you never know when an opportunity can arise for you to work together in the future or be referred by one another. Or you can simply make a wonderful new friend in the process!

On the day of the Shoot, be passionate, be creative and make sure to have tons of fun!

Sonje Ludwick Photography shares her insight from a Photographers point of view.

Take part in styled shoots that really sparks your own interest, this is a golden opportunity to get really creative and take those shots that you have been dying to capture.

Get clear on what kind of bride you want to reach or inspire and make sure that the photographs you take portrays that style.

The tiniest details end up being so significant, so attention to detail is key! Certain details that might seem insignificant to the shoot as a whole, might be the very detail that captures your audience’s eye and lead them to view the rest of your styled shoot.

Throughout the process you should keep a schedule and set various deadlines for yourself and your team. Proper communication is vital!

Make sure all your equipment is charged up and ready to go. Have spare batteries and memory cards handy!

It is important to plan ahead. When will you post sneak peeks? When will the vendors receive the images? When are you going to submit for publication?

Have fun! Push yourself and experiment!

When the shoot is over, you are responsible for posting sneak peeks and sending the images to the vendors in a timely manner. One thing I want to stress is to give credit where credit is due.

Notice how the vendors are all tagged in the sneak peek photos. This way they can see their work and share it with their fans!

Once there are any photos posted online, you should share like crazy.  Sharing is so important in this process because you want to reach as many potential clients as possible as well as get some constructive feed back from your fellow peers.

To view our collaboration on the Seaside Affair Styled Shoot, please visit the link below:

We are by no means experts, but hope that you can learn something from our experience.

Thank you for reading.

With love and appreciation

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