Enchanted Forest

If you are a nature lover such as myself, you might agree that there is just something about a forest that has the ability to draw you in. Maybe it is the mysteriousness of it all or maybe the fact that it almost always holds a promise of some sort of spellbinding magic. And let’s face it; we are all attracted to a bit of magic!

I love the organic smell, trees as tall as skyscrapers and that leafy carpet that forms a pathway underneath your feet. I am always in awe of nature’s beauty and humbled by her majesty.


could not resist the temptation to use such a breathtaking backdrop to create our own fairytale wedding and inspire brides around the globe.

So princess, put on your tiara and let me talk you through it!

Emerald green complimented by bold golden tones was the color scheme we used throughout the décor concept. By making use of earthy elements such as wood, ivy and pinecones, we stayed true to our surroundings.

We kept our table fresh with crisp white table linen and a simple wheat runner to highlight the contrasting emerald green ivy centerpiece. Draping the ivy over a wooden log as well as the top parts of two golden candelabra’s. We added some dinner candles as well as glass jars filled with sand and smaller candles to bring in a bit of romantic ambiance. Large wooden discs were used as placemats and gold spray painted pinecones as place card holders. Elegantly finished it off with my personal favorite…oh so beautiful, golden cutlery!

We used a beautiful Victorian style cake table with a marble top which we “ blinged” up with a gold sequined runner and stunning, round copper tray. Next to it on the forest bed, we stacked some large wooden discs with green and gold spray painted wine bottles and stuck a dinner candle in each. Yes there are a lot of wine bottles, don’t judge, wine keeps the creative juices flowing!

Next up, we created our charming photo-nook. We used another Victorian style element, the black and gold dresser chair. Added a small round table covered in a black lace tablecloth. We decorated the small table with little copper bits, vases holding singular flowers and old books on a very dated cutlery box set. Larger copper pots were placed on the forest bed next to the table draped with an emerald green scarf and a large copper jug filled with a beautiful arrangement of roses. Suspended from the trees were glass bottles and lightbulbs filled with fynbos.

Just to make sure that we nailed the “fairytale” part, we added a dreamy swing, covered in beautiful flowers.

If this post does not inspire you to get married in a forest, you must be a beach or wine farm girl, but nonetheless, I hope we were able to captivate you!

Thank you for reading

with Love and Appreciation, MO

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