Seaside Affair

I am personally very fond of the ocean as I worked on Super Yachts for many years sailing both Europe and The Middle East.There is something so magical, romantic and thought provoking about the ocean. The rhythmic pulse of the waves, the way that they rise and fall as if they are breathing in the Sunlight. The satin, soft sand that cling to your toes oh so gently. And in it’s vast beauty, also a force of nature that demands respect.


fell in love with the seaside♩♪♫♬I’m not trying to say, that everybody wants to go♩♪♫♬I fell in love with the seaside♩♪♫♬…I love that song by The Kooks, it is so catchy!

Now that I got you singing…and I know you were!

Below we endeavor to show you how to create an intimate, yet elegant wedding reception on the beach. This is ideal for a smaller wedding party and for the bride that wants to breath in the ocean air and feel the sand between her toes as she says her I do’s.

By making use of pantone colors such as duck egg blue with a touch of pink, we kept a calm, serene atmosphere.

Organic beach decor like painted driftwood, seashells and white starfish, were used to stay true to the surroundings.

Soft lighting through glass lanterns, candles and fairy lights, creates that romantic setting. Different sized and textured cushions and throws can be placed around your tables for comfort and intimacy.

Minimal flowers, makes it very cost effective. So does collecting your own shells and driftwood!

Create a shaded drinks station for your guests by using white parasols attached to tall bamboo branches. Use beautiful glass drink dispensers and fill them with a clear liquid such as water, lemonade or something a little bit stronger, to which you can add a touch of food coloring.

An elegant photo-nook with a seashell backdrop is a fun idea to create a nice relaxed ambience.

Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away – Sarah Kay

I hope you have enjoyed our Seaside Affair post and are inspired or at the very least, have a new song in your heart!

Thank you for reading

with Love and Appreciation, MO

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