Classic Vintage

What does Classic Vintage mean to you?

A Classic Style to me, means a design that has stood the test of time because it’s flattering in almost every context and never goes out of style. It is essentially timeless.

Vintage is usually a design that hints to a specific style period or fashion from a bygone era.

How do you incorporate these two styles in your wedding décor you might ask?

Don’t sweat it sister! Calm yourself down from a mild panic, StylingbyMo is here to show you how:

Use classic elements such as lace, pearls and glass and combine them with vintage Victorian furniture, vintage crockery, tea sets and old books.

The beauty of these classic and vintage elements are that they’re very easy to source. We all have a mom, grannie or aunt that is passionate about hoarding all things old or classic (I say this in the most respectful manner, being a fellow hoarder myself…). Use this to your advantage and ransack their homes and cupboards. If you’re not fortunate enough to have such handy relatives, you can pick up some awesome bits and bobs from vintage and pawn shops on the cheap. You would be amazed at what you can find!

Remember, not everything has to match!

These flattering elements, combined with soft tone colors, such as pink and sage together with discrete flowers here and there, makes for a tailored yet effortless milieu that does not break the bank either.

In this styled shoot by StylingbyMo the goal was to merge two beautiful styles of décor in a subtle way, that you can almost argue that Vintage is a Classic!

Thank you for reading

with Love and Appreciation, MO

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